Under New Management When You Have to Switch

 For the most part, it's human nature to be somewhat fearful of change. People  tend to stick with what they have and what they know, rather than explore new  possibilities.  

 That’s definitely the case with condos and co-ops in regards to their management  companies. Most of the time, a building will enjoy a long partnership with  their company and individual manager, never even thinking about making a move.  However, things do come up to warrant change.  

 Why Switch?

 “Usually an association board may consider changing management companies if they  feel they are not receiving good service or responsiveness from their current  firm,” says Shirley Feldmann, president and project manager with Association Advocates  Inc, a management consulting firm in Chicago. “We have heard complaints from many firms that they often feel they get fired  when a new board member takes over because they have a vendetta against a  management company for such things as a violation or a fine.”  

 Also, if problem after problem arises and the building is no longer running  smoothly, it might be time to consider making a change.  

 “Whenever I’m asked to submit a proposal for management services to an association, the  first question I always ask is ‘Why do you want to make a change?’” says Michael E. Rutkowski, principal of First Properties, LLC. “The number one answer is poor communication, or more specifically: ‘Our manager doesn’t respond to our emails or voicemails.’ Also related to communication is expectations: there are times when the manager  thinks he or she is doing his or her job well but the board has different  expectations and they end up unhappy.”  


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