Think Spring Preparing for a Busy Season

With the leafless trees and icy winds blowing along the shores of Lake Michigan, it is the perfect time for condo or co-op managers and building administrators to start thinking about repair and maintenance work for the upcoming spring.

When it comes to the maintenance of the property, upkeep should be all year-round, says Renee Mercer of Kinsella Landscape, Inc. in Blue Island. “Normally we like homeowners or residents to do that a season or two prior, either the fall or the winter. It would be better sooner than later for the coming year; to have the service all year round. The maintenance schedules fill out really fast,” she says.

Scott Graham of the Illinois Chapter of the Landscape Contractors Association agrees. “Residents should set up a time as soon as possible. Landscapers typically get a lot of work whenever the first warm-up season comes up. Make sure to contact a landscaper during their down time, anytime from mid-November and on,” he says.

The experts agree that during the winter, trees, shrubs and the rest of the site suffer the most during these harsh weather conditions. Broken tree branches, salt on the pavement, or snow on budding plant life should be a constant reminder to keep the site healthy for the planting/growing season. As much fun as it is to go sledding, building snowmen or constructing forts, irreversible damage can be caused the longer any damage goes untreated.

Scheduling Springtime Maintenance

Association boards and management professionals should contact their professional landscapers to discuss their annual contracts during the fall and winter months. Professional landscapers are there to explain maintenance service programs and encourage an open line of communication for their clients.



  • Once again, the residents are being ignroed. I sent a request/ question about visible work being done in our community. I received however a repsonse from someone trying to give me percentages of where our fees are going. (i.e- .004% for this website). I will say that trees have been planted near Yellow Dogwood Hts, which is a welcome addition. However the area beneath our decks shows a total disregard to aesthetic beauty. I was told that As for behind the buildings, this area has just about the nicest areas in Woodmoor. The flowers and trees are doing quite well compared to other parts of the property (partly because they have had longer to grow . I find this laughable, this area is an eye sore!!!!!! Maybe the HOA should actually come to the neighborhood and see for themselves. I would be more than happen to meet with them. Because I feel Woodmoor could be great if the HOA weren't standing in the way. Mike