The 2013 Law & Legislative Update Winds of Change in the Windy City

 You may be sitting at home on the couch scrolling through the TV listings—but rest assured that at that very moment, issues concerning your home are being  discussed in the legislative arena.  

 At any time, hundreds of thousands of bills are being debated by lawmakers in  Springfield and throughout Chicagoland. Many of these bills include updates to  cooperative, condo and HOA-related issues, and as such are likely to impact  condo residents, boards and those who serve them. Staying informed about this  legislation is a crucial part of both the board and property manager's duty,  and of just being a responsible unit owner.  

 We’ve dissected the hot topics currently up for debate in the Chicagoland-area so  you can quickly determine how they’ll affect you and your own building community.  

 Big Issues

 One of the biggest problems in Illinois is the number of foreclosures and  abandoned homes, says Bob Palmer, policy director for Housing Action Illinois,  an organization that advocates for affordable housing in Illinois. “I think legislators who have a large number of condominiums and cooperatives in  their district are aware of the issues faced by the owners and associations but  it’s not a statewide issue,” he says.  

 To make this become a statewide issue, there’s a whole host of special interest groups—including the Association of Condominium, Townhouse and Homeowners Associations  (ACTHA), the Illinois chapter of the Community Associations Institute (CAI-IL)  and Housing Action Illinois and dozens of smaller organizations—making it their duty to push through laws to solve Illinois’ housing problems.  


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