Lake Zurich, Illinois An Alpine Oasis in Chicagoland

A short trip from downtown Chicago, Lake Zurich has evolved from a popular resort for affluent Chicagoans into a community with above average wealth that attracts young families with its low crime rate, superior school system and strong community vibe.

In 2006, the travel book publisher Frommers named Lake Zurich as one of the top 100 places to raise a family in the United States. According to Frommers, Lake Zurich was chosen because of its “unique heritage, appearance, community resources and overall family feel.”

Lake Zurich is located 37 miles from the Windy City and is easily accessible to Interstates 90, 290 and 355.

Early History

The area of Lake Zurich was first settled by European descendants in the 1830’s. Two of its early pioneers were George Ela, after whom the Ela township is named and Seth Paine, who established a number of commercial venues in the town. New England farmers flocked to the area followed by many German immigrants. The lake now known as Lake Zurich was named was named Cedar Lake during this time.

The village of Lake Zurich was incorporated on September 19, 1896. The area essentially remained a farming community although the coming railroad and highway system brought an influx of new visitors. The building of U.S. Route 12 in 1922 (U.S. Route 12) followed by Illinois Route 22 five years later established Lake Zurich as a convenient summer resort.


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