Illinois Community Association Manager Licensing Let's See That License

 Property managers in Illinois have until October 1, 2012 to prove that they have  met licensing requirements enabling them to perform the services of a community  association manager.  

 Discussed for many years in the state legislature, new rules requiring licensing  of property managers were approved by legislators in 2010 and became law on  October 1, 2011. Governed under the Illinois Department of Financial and  Professional Regulation (IDFPR), which oversees licensing requirements for more  than 60 kinds of professions, this will allow government oversight of CAMs for  the first time.  

 Who, What, When

 After the new law was passed in July 2010, the IDFPR created a five-member board  of directors, which included five real estate industry pros and two board  members, who aren’t involved in the business. From November 2010 through May 2011, the board  worked to draft a set of rules for the new licensing requirement. Now, any  property manager currently working in the industry had one year (from October  2011) to get his or her state-approved license. Prospective property managers  not yet working in the industry have up to three years to complete the process.  

 According to Lara Anderson, Esq. of the Lake Zurich-based law firm of Fullett  Rosenlund Anderson, PC, the law provided that current professionals working as  property managers could be “grandfathered in” if they applied for a CAM license under this “grandfather provision” by March 31, 2012.  

 The grandfather provision would apply if “they practiced as a community association manager for five (5) of the last ten  years” or had “achieved/received one of the following designations” from either the Community Associations Institute, the Institute of Real Estate  Management or the National Board of Certification for Community Association  Managers: CAI Accredited Management Specialist (AMS); CAI Professional  Community Association Manager (PCAM); IREM Certified Property Manager (CPM);  IREM Accredited Residential Manager (ARM); or NBC-CAM Certified Manager of  Community Associations (CMCA).  


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  • It's truely unbelievable to me, that this law was not passed years. Ihave seen many property managers who don't have a clue what property management is all about. i'm remined of the Richard Nixon interview with David Frost. When Presendent Nixon said, "If the President does it then it's legal." I have seen property managers who put together a budget and leave-off important items and I've seen a property manager only put seven months on a budget. Isn't it sad, that the owners of these property management companies let thier property managers get away with mis-guided information input and output to the board and and then to the association membership. Who ever said ignorance is bliss wasn't kidding.