Greening the Windy City A Look at Green Bean Chicago

 Between the media coverage, consumer marketing campaigns, and governmental  programs, the concept of living “green” has become a sometimes-confusing catchphrase over the last few years. Are you “going green?” Exactly how “green” are you? Could you be greener? It's enough to turn you green.  

 Fortunately, Green Bean Chicago is here to help. The organization aims to cut  through some of the chatter and bridge the gap between professional and  residential green knowledge, all in one place.  

 Grean Bean Chicago is a website publication that delivers information to readers  regarding sustainable buildings and spaces throughout the Chicagoland area. The  publication is entirely volunteer-run, but still has a small editorial team and  a wide network of contributors spanning many professions, both inside and  outside the sustainable development field.  

 A Little Green History

 The site was founded in June 2006 by Erik Olsen, who at the time was the  administrator for the Green Permit Program for the City of Chicago. He  originally created the site as a forum for green building and development  throughout the area.  

 Wendy Berger-Shapiro, the site’s current owner and principal of WBS Equities LLC, began working alongside Olsen  in June 2008 and transformed the site from a blog forum to a wider resource  publication for all green buildings throughout the city and its suburbs—all in the last five years.  


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