Better, Stronger, Faster What We All Need to Know About Electronic Communication

 These days, there are few people who don’t have a business website, a Facebook account and even a Twitter handle. It’s the same for buildings.

 As the rise of online social media invades nearly every aspect of our daily  life, co-op, condo, HOA boards and savvy property managers have also embraced  the medium as a powerful new tool for connecting and communicating with  residents in their communities.  

 Email listserves, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and—more recently—custom mobile apps, have supplanted the mailroom bulletin board as the primary  means of inter-building information exchange.  

 It didn’t happen overnight, however. Boards and management companies have modernized and  broadened their means of communicating with residents through trial and error  while exploring the benefits and maximizing the usefulness and impact of these  new tools.  

 There are no current statistics showing what percentage of buildings in the  Chicagoland area are using websites to communicate with their residents. But  local board members and management companies report that nearly all of the  larger buildings have some form of web communication ranging from email blasts  (emailing the entire building at once) to full websites.  


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