Valued Volunteers Committee Members and Their Roles

 Living in a condominium community means working together. Cooperation and a  spirit of volunteerism are visible every day in community gatherings, board  meetings, even in the scheduling of time on the tennis courts. The men and  women who volunteer their time to work as part of board committees play a large  role in ensuring that the community functions smoothly and as a whole.  

 How do committees work? What are their responsibilities and what is the best way  to recruit active, engaged committee members? Every community is different and  every community has its own needs that its committees will be asked to fill.  With that in mind, it is always best to start at the beginning: What are the  most basic needs?  

 Size Doesn't Necessarily Matter

 “Committees are valuable in any size community,” says Lisa Evans, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, of Vanguard Community Management Inc., an  Associa company, which provides property management services throughout Illinois.  

 “In our experience,” says says Jim Stoller, president of The Building Group, a property management  company based in Chicago, “We see committees in all sizes of associations.”  

 Stoller points out that committees are, “Sometimes more important in smaller associations when they [the association]  can't afford to hire experts or can't afford to hire management services to  advise them, so the owners band together to work out issues and explore  options.”