Successful Staff Management Sharpening Those People Skills

 Property managers handle a wide array of tasks, from the physical to the  administrative. While many of these jobs are outlined in black and white (send  out monthly bills, attend meetings, file paperwork), one important component is  not as easy to pin down: the actual management of people—boards, building/HOA staff, and residents alike.  

 The job is a lot, even in a community with a functional, cooperative board and  harmonious residents—it becomes a herculean task when a board has jumped the tracks, residents are up  in arms, and staff members are antagonistic. There are obviously methods of  human resource management and conflict resolution for managers dealing with  dysfunctional, apathetic, or chaotic boards and association communities.  

 Running a Community

 Much like any other company, condos and co-ops have a sort of “human resource” shoulder in a management company and managing those human interactions is  necessary for a smooth functioning operation.  

 “The whole reason buildings get management companies is for them to take care of  stuff,” says Keith Hales of Chicago-based Hales Property Management.  

 Gina Rossi of Vanguard Community Management in Schaumburg agrees.  


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