Snow Time! Plan Ahead for Winter Survival

The contractors who helped dig out the region’s condo properties last winter agree on one thing: the associations that were ‘rescued’ first were the ones with solid vendor relationships. 

“You should probably start looking for a contractor in October. If you’re residential or commercial, October would be the best time since we could potentially get snow in November,” says Dan Klindera, general manager of Greenwise in Evanston.

“We got a lot of calls midway through the season when we did get some pretty big snow totals and those people that didn’t have a contractor lined up prior to that were left scrambling. So get ahead of the game and line up a contractor prior to the season,” says Klindera.

Let it Snow?

“People don’t like to have the expense. Snow removal isn’t something like construction or landscaping where there’s something concrete after you’ve paid, but it’s still important because it helps you avoid slip and falls or an accident. Every year there are fatalities due to winter weather and to have that snow and ice managed with a professional company goes a long way toward justifying the expense,” says Martin Tirado, CEO of the Snow & Ice Management Association, a national non-profit trade group based in Milwaukee.

Tirado contends that a lot of people underestimate winter weather and that it can be just as dangerous as any other kind of major storm.


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