Securing Your Building Exteriors Keeping the Outside Safe

Exteriors of buildings—condos and HOAs included—aren’t always just smooth brick walls. There are all sorts of indentations and protrusions, from terraces to stonework to cornices. There are also items that are not part of the building, but are affixed to it, from scaffolds to window air conditioners. And if such items aren't properly secured to the building, this could lead to disaster.

Remember that Chicago is the Windy City (although some historians claim that the name doesn’t refer so much to the gusts coming off Lake Michigan as it does to early politicians who were full of hot air). And if something is loose on the exterior of your building, high winds can turn them into dangerous projectiles, whether you’re in the city itself or the suburbs.

Danger From Above

Consider these incidents:

• In March of this year, during 30 mph winds, bricks fell from a building on West Van Buren Street in a busy area of the Loop, although there were no injuries.

• In April of this year, debris fell from the top of another high-rise building in the Loop, this time on South State Street. Again, no one was injured.


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