Q&A: Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

Q I live in a three-floor, four-room,30-unit condo, mostly 50-plus, with the only family with children (ages two and three) living on the third floor above me. For the past year there has been an excessive amount of constant running; playing on tile floors with outside-type toys; screaming and crying from 7 a.m.until 8 p.m.; and playing in the bathroom. The sound from jumping off the sofa and onto the floor has become almost unbearable. In addition, the mother has very little control over the children and prefers to keep them in the house rather than taking them outdoors.

I approached the husband one night when the noise had gotten unbearable and he didn't realize that it was that bad. He apologized and said he would see that it didn't happen again. However, the wife simply ignores him and the kids continue on.

The bottom line is that I complained to property management (as well as other owners) about the noise from the family.The parents were sent a letter asking them to control their children.The noise stopped for three days but has since started again. They were notified again by property management but ignored the warning.

So my question is what is the next step to enforce these owners to follow the "noise" rules? Can an attorney help me? I am at my wits end. I leave my unit for most of the day and wind up going to bed at 7 each night just to have some peace.

—Sleepless in Chicago


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  • i've had problems with my neighbors who live below us for the past 10 years. as of now she said she has moved out but someone is still living there. isn't the place to be empty and if someone is there she should receive the fine that is in the rules for having someone renting when you cant rent?
  • Does Washington Condo Law require that all Board Meetings be pteosd to the Association publicly, though the Association is a private entity? Are there laws preventing board members from meeting without the knowledge of the full board (ie 3 of 5 members meeting casually to discuss condo business)?