Meeting Minders A Guide to Running Better Meetings

You may love your building. You may even love your neighbors and the members of your board. But there are few people who can say that they love their monthly board meetings or annual shareholder meetings. That’s because many of these meetings drag on for hours, and some folks feel that they're exercises in time-wasting. Still others watch their board and shareholder meetings devolve into pointless shouting matches, complete with name-calling.

Board meetings in every building—small and large, co-op and condo, studio and five bedroom—get out of hand. Issues are heated, lots of money is at stake and there are many of people with tons of different ideas of how their building should be run.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Boards, unit owners and committees can improve the quality and productivity of their meetings very easily with a few simple guidelines.

Unfortunately, it could all go downhill before the meeting even starts, says Angela Falzone, a consultant with Association Advocates Inc. in Chicago and owner of ASF Enterprises, LLC, a small boutique, full service management company in Park Ridge.


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