Living in Chicago's Hyde Park Home to Presidents and the Underground Railroad

 Hyde Park, located on the South Side in Cook County is approximately seven miles  south of the Chicago Loop and one of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods and community areas.  

 As a neighborhood, Hyde Park's definition has shrunk to a core area around 53rd  Street and the lakefront. Today, the name Hyde Park is officially applied to  the neighborhood from 51st Street to the neighborhood around the Midway  Plaisance or simply The Midway (between 59th and 60th streets). The  neighborhood's eastern boundary is Lake Michigan and its western boundary is  Washington Park.  

 Like in many areas though, its boundary lines vary. Some actually consider Hyde  Park to include the area between 47th and 51st Streets (East Hyde Park  Boulevard) although this area is actually the south half of the Kenwood  community area. Often, the area encompassing Hyde Park and South Kenwood is  spoken of as Hyde Park-Kenwood.  

 In 2000 and 2003, Money Magazine ranked Hyde Park among the best places to live  in the United States.  

 Among its many attractions are the University of Chicago, the Hyde Park Art  Center, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Oriental Institute and the  Renaissance Society. The name originated with a township that included numerous  other neighborhoods that have all been annexed by the city of Chicago. But the  neighborhood’s greatest claim to fame perhaps is that it was the home of President Barack  Obama for many years. The Obamas now own a home in nearby Kenwood.  


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