Green by Committee Making Your Condo More Eco-Friendly

 According to the U.S. Green Building Council, Chicago had more certified green  buildings than any other city in the United States in 2009—and that number continues to grow.  

 A whopping 88 projects in the Chicago-area earned Leadership in Energy and  Environmental Design certification, followed by Portland with just 73.  Translation: Chicago has the largest number of energy-saving building systems,  proximity to public transportation and water conservation techniques.  

 All of this green stuff means that residents feel very strongly about their  homes and buildings being eco-friendly.  

 Benefits of Going Green

 While it’s common for buildings or associations of any size to have designated committees  in place to help boards and management handle aesthetic, social and other  community concerns, ‘green’ committees are emerging as a more recent trend throughout Chicago and across  the country as environmental consciousness is raised.  

 Green committees are similar to any other building committee in the sense that  they’re typically a group of residents who are voted into the committee to help with  a common goal. In the green committee’s case, the goal is creating an eco-friendly building environment that can  influence everything from the paint choices they use when painting the common  areas to creating, installing and maintaining a green roof for the building.  


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