Care and Maintenance of Skylights Keeping a Value-Adding Amenity From Being a Liability

No matter what time of year, the addition of natural light into a living space can do more to boost the spirits of its occupants than just about anything else. For a dark kitchen, a gloomy study or a bedroom that lacks that special something, a skylight can bring that natural light into the mix and help completely transform a room. As an unquestionable bonus, skylights can offer, too, a window into a summer sky or a star-filled night. 

“Skylights, of course, bring natural light in, but they also allow an owner to utilize less electricity,” says Sheila Culbertson, co-owner of Windy City Skylights in Downers Grove, illustrating how this particular installation can provide not only aesthetic value, but savings as well.

Best of all, as new technologies have developed, skylights have become less expensive, easier to install and nearly maintenance free. “For a long time, skylights were plastic,” says Mary Lou Hughes, owner of Nature Vue Skylights in Jacksonville, Florida. “Now they’re double-paned glass. They are so much more energy-efficient and durable than plastic. The interest in skylights has really grown because they are more energy-efficient and are better products now.”

Finding the Best Match

There are skylights to meet the tastes and design standards of just about any homeowner. “VELUX is the most popular manufacturer on the market,” says Rick Music, residential project manager at All American Exterior Solutions in Lake Zurich. “They offer skylights in multiple sizes and different types, including deck-mounted, curb-mounted and sun tunnels.”

“And VELUX specifically has come out with a clean, quiet and safe glass,” adds Culbertson. “It offers a Rain-X-esque quality such that it does not spot as easily from precipitation. And when I say ‘safe,’ I mean that it’s laminated. It’s that double-pane glass with argon between the panes.”


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