Attractive Perks What's Hot—and Not—in the World of Amenities

You’ve got the perfect couple looking into buying a condo in your building. And they love everything about the unit.

But here’s the catch—they also love everything about another building’s unit. They can’t decide which to buy.

Then they notice the gym in your building. It has everything they pay for at their private gym, which means they could save $150 every month by canceling their gym membership. And even though their unit has all the bells and whistles and the perfect location, it’s that gym that pushed them over the edge and made them take the plunge.

Over the Top

This scenario has played out over and over again at the luxury condominium Aqua at Lakeshore East in downtown Chicago. The 86-story residential skyscraper located near both Lake Michigan and the Chicago River was designed to comply with LEED certification and features rainwater collection systems, energy-efficient lighting and is the first building in Chicago built with public charging stations for electric cars. The Aqua also boasts a half basketball court, complimentary yoga and pilates classes, pet care, a 24-hour concierge, and a full media room that seats 25 people.

“Our roof -deck is over 80,000 square feet, the size of two football fields. When people see it, it takes their breath away,” says Vanessa Casciano, community relations director for the Magellan Development Group that oversees the property. “We have the largest outdoor residential deck in Chicago. It has gardens, gazebos, pools, cabanas, a fifth of a mile running track and four common grill areas. We have cutting edge amenities but people are really attracted to the open space of the roof-deck.”


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