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April 2015, Vol 5, No 4

The April 2015 issue of The Chicagoland Cooperator newspaper focuses on Landscape & Lawn Care

In this issue, you can read about Landscape Committees, Smart Planning and Care of Trees, and You Can't Plant That Here!

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News Briefs

  • 4.22.15 How to increase your association's voter participation The reasons owners don't vote are varied. Some bear grudges against the board or association. Others like everything the way it is and don't see a need for change. Still others simply don't care. [Chicago Tribune]
  • 4.15.15 Peter Francis Geraci's Wife Sues Condo Building Over Dogs in Elevators Holly Geraci, the wife of famed local bankruptcy lawyer Peter Francis Geraci, is suing her River North condominium association again alleging a "vague" rule on dog etiquette has put her in danger in the building's elevators. [DNAInfo]
  • 3.29.15 Amendment could address repair of condo windows and doors Most condominium declarations and bylaws classify unit windows and doors as limited common elements, and then state that unit owners are responsible for the costs of maintenance, repair and replacement of their limited common elements, including unit windows and doors. [Chicago Tribune]
  • 3.19.15 Downtown Chicago Condo Prices: Pinnacle Sales History Shows The Rebound Back in September Crain's ran a story about how downtown Chicago condo prices had returned to peak levels. Their conclusion was based upon data from a pretty reliable source: Appraisal Research Counselors, who looked at more than 65 different condo buildings in downtown Chicago. ARC pointed out that within 65 buildings prices per square foot were within 4.3% of their 2008 peak. I think they were looking at prices for the first half of 2014. []
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